70 years later:One War, One Wife, Five daughters, and One Bathroom

Seventy years. Phew, that’s a long, long time to be married and stay married! Today, May 10, 2013 is my Mom & Dad’s 70th wedding anniversary. I don’t know how they did it. Our thoughts are that Mom was a “saint”; Dad going deep sea fishing every weekend during summer kept him sane while raising 5 daughters; Mom welcomed him being gone cause she got a break from regular meal schedules; or the fact that he never hung out at bars and would rather have his cocktail hour at home. It leaves us all in awe, whatever the reason. And, I’m sure there were many many more.

Another anomaly is that they have never lived in a house with more than one bathroom. Imagine that with five teenage daughters? Can you picture that every morning while getting ready for work while they’re getting ready for school? That’s another Wow!
I will share that I have wondered if that’s why I became a morning person – so I could get into the bathroom first, no joke.

So many stories, so interesting, some sad, some that don’t matter. Perhaps I’ll write about that as time goes by. But on this beautiful blue sky day it is in celebration of a couple, my parents, who’s love has withstood 70 years of history in one marriage. We can count on the fact that Dad will raise his champagne glass to Mom’s and kiss her sweet again. It’s quite a gift to have received.

Where, Oh where, is Ageless Dreamer?

Thanks so much for asking! In December of 2011, the Board of Directors voted to “suspend operations and reorganize”.  THAT has been easier said then done.  In a nutshell, the business model for Ageless Dreamer did not work .  It’s that simple.  Although the concept continues to be an idea that people really enjoy, “feels good”, and want to see continue, it all needs to be wrapped around something more substantial and involve more volunteers.  Who am I to be writing about this? I’m just the Founder and a volunteer who can’t seem to let the idea go.

Last week, the decision was made to take down the website since it was becoming more stale and out of date as each day passed.  Until we have a direction and clear focus, it made no sense to keep paying for hosting services.  Hence, this WordPress site.  For the past 17 months, the only expenses have been the web hosting, domain annual registration, trademark fees, and annual report fees, accountant fee, and any other fee necessary to keep us alive and official. Oh yes, by the way, early 2012,  we hired an outside development person to put together a Certified Ageless Dreamer Workbook and Faciliator Workbook.  To date, nothing more has happened with that idea.

What will it take to bring the dream of this organization back to life?  We continue to see the growing needs of our ageing population. After all, it’s our future, too, whether we want to believe it or not.  If anyone is reading this and has any ideas or wants to get together for a creative dream think tank please don’t hesitate to connect with me. I will so welcome your interest. From one Ageless Dreamer to another, thank you.

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